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The basic activity of the company Soške elektrarne Nova Gorica - SENG d.o.o. / Limited Liability Company is the production of Blue energy – electricity production from renewable sources in the hydro power plants on the Soča River and its subsidiary streams. 5 big and 21 small hydro power plants of a total power of 161 MW are at the moment driven by the Soča River and its subsidiaries.

The rights and obligations of the Company in connection with the operating of the big and small hydro power plants are determined in the Concession contracts for the economic expoitation of the hydro-energetic potential of the rivers Soča, Idrijca and Bača and the other water courses in the area where the small hydro power plants operate.

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The company Soške elektrarne has respected the beauties of the Soča River Valley for more than half a century. Since its foundation in the year 1947 the company supplies electric energy with great reliability. Today the company Soške elektrarne is a technologically advanced and market orientated company and stands out for its high level of knowledge capital and a very explicit development strategy which includes investments in the refurbishment of the existing and in the construction of new hydro power plants. The today’s water potential of the Soča River is exploited only to its lower third, and the electric power demand is still constantly increasing.

However, the water potential of the Soča River is not being exploited at any cost, but in a way that the natural balance and the beauty of one of the most picturesque parts of Europe is still preserved. Blue energy in our company is being produced in a cost-effective way and with regard to the severe environmental aspects as well as the international standards as many of the water courses make part of the areas under natural protection.

The multipurpose use of the hydro power plants is the result of the company Soške elektrarne having taking a pledge and the reflection of its tight involvement in the natural and social environment of the Severna Primorska region. The company not only supplies electric energy but also collaborates with the local community with the objective to look for development possibilities of the towns and villages situated along the Soča River. Therefore, at the planning of the intervention, attention is paid to the drinking water supply, the fish breeding and fishing, to the setting-up and landscaping of tourist and recreational areas, to the preservation of the technical heritage and to other opportunities for a multipurpose use of the hydro power plants.

In the year 2001 the company Soške elektrarne was tied-up with the company Holding Slovenske elektrarne d.o.o. (HSE). At first the company was owned by the company HSE up to 79.5 %, since August 2007 however, it is owned by up to 100%. The company Soške elektrarne has decided to tie-up with the company HSE in order to be more competitive, to reduce the risks, to increase the translation of knowledge and the collaboration on energy projects.

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