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In the today’s market conditions, present also in the electricity supply economy, a high-quality and efficient as well as environmentally oriented operating are the basis for the survival and the sustainable development of the company. The company Soške elektrarne is very well aware of the necessity for a versatile involvement thus in the natural as well as the social environment, therefore the sustainable development is an important element of the company’s operating strategy.

The sustainable development of the company Soške elektrarne is expressed in the multipurpose use of the hydro power plants which closely connects the company with the population, and in the responsible exploitation of the Soča River. With the help of a high-quality planning, construction and maintenance of the hydro power plants the company Soške elektrarne makes sure that all the buildings and facilities are technically up-to date, safe and in compliance with the legal provisions.

Due to the consequent respect of the environmental and technical standards the company Soške elektrarne has obtained a number of internationally recognized management system certificates:
TŰV Certificate for the production of electric energy from water resourcesTŰV Certificate for the production of electric energy from water resources
Certificate for Occupational Safety and Health at WorkCertificate for Occupational Safety and Health at Work
Environmental Protection Management CertificateEnvironmental Protection Management Certificate

All employees contribute to the high-quality operating of the whole company and thus the management of the company takes care of the highly professional qualification of its personnel and their being well informed and motivated.