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The mission of the company Soške elektrarne is to produce electrical energy in a reliable and cost-effective way and in synergy with the natural and social environment. The company Soške elektrarne, due to its tight involvement in the environment, has taken the socially responsible pledge to assure a multipurpose use of the hydro power plants, which consequently ensures the development of the towns and villages located along the Soča River, as well as the care for the environment.

The company’s vision is the optimal use of the available hydrological potential of the Soča River and its subsidiary streams as well as the use of other renewable energy resources.

The key strategic goals of the company Soške elektrarne are the following:
  • to ensure a high quality operating of the company oriented towards the reduction of costs,

  • to ensure a high level of operating readiness and reliability of the hydro-energetic facilities and devices,

  • as a market oriented company to ensure the owners an adequate yield,

  • the growth of the company by ensuring new development programmes,

  • the development of the human resources,

  • to take care of the relations with the broad social environment,

  • to ensure an active cooperation at the realization of the strategic goals of the HSE Group.

The Prošček StreamThe Prošček Stream
Klavže near by the HPP Mrzla RupaKlavže near by the HPP Mrzla Rupa
The Soča RiverThe Soča River