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Electrification in the Primorska region prior to the First World War

The history of the electrification in the Primorska region didn’t start with the foundation of the company Soške elektrarne Nova Gorica d.o.o. in the year 1947. The Story of the light in the Primorska region started by the end of the 19th century thanks to the owners of mills and sawmills, the tourist workers in the Cave Postojnska jama, the miners in Idrija and Rabelj, as well as the population of some bigger villages and towns in the region.


Electrification in the Primorska region between the two wars

After the occupation of the Primorska region after the First World War the electrification in the Primorska region was taken over by Italian companies. The Slovenes have been ousted from this activity. The most powerful Italian companies were the company SADE (Società Adriatica di Elettricità) and the company SELVEG (Società di Elettricità Venezia Gulia).

The period from 1945 to Slovenia’s independence

In the year 1947, after the annexation of the Primorska region to Yugoslavia, in this area, ten hydro power plants with their facilities were operating. Immediately after the annexation these were nationalized. The newly founded company Soške elektrarne has taken over the premises and their operation.

The period after Slovenia’s Independence

Since 1991 the company Soške elektrarne hasn’t taken care of the electric energy transmission. It only takes care of the electrical energy production, and in accordance with the company’s plans, the construction and refurbishment of power plants is proceeding intensely.