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The Soške elektrarne Management center, which was founded in the year 2003, is located in the headquarter building of the company Soške elektrarne in Nova Gorica. Its basic task is the optimum and high-quality operation of the hydro power plants on the Soča River and its subsidiary streams and the monitoring of the condition of the devices and facilities.

The HPP Doblar 1, the HPP Doblar 2, the HPP Plave 1, the HPP Plave 2 and the HPP Solkan (i.e. the chain of power plants on the Soča River) and the HPP Zadlaščica are equipped with a technology which enables a remote control of these hydro power plants.

The tasks of the management center are the following:
  • Optimum management of the production chain of power plants on the Lower Soča River

  • Control of the devices in the power plants and in the dams

  • Operating coordination of the hydro power plants at times of high waters and in case of failure of the remote control devices

  • optimisation, production planning and operating analyses

  • supervision/monitoring of the hydro power plants and dams, notification and alarming in case of extreme events

  • information exchange with other centres

  • notification of the small hydro power plants on duty in case of extreme events

  • account of the produced electrical energy

  • elaboration of an annual bulletin and elaboration of report for different institutions.
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