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multifunctional utilization of the HPP

multifunctional utilization of the HPP

The multipurpose use is the guidance implemented by the company Soške elektrarne in managing the hydro power plants on the water catchment area of the Soča River. The company Soške elektrarne is closely examining, already since the planning stage of every single hydro power plant, the possibilities for the collaboration with the communes and municipalities, the local tourist clubs, the angling clubs and museums in order to upgrade the
Powerhouse building of the HPP MarofPowerhouse building of the HPP Marof
electrical energy production with solutions which offer the local community additional benefits. The pledge of the company Soške elektrarne is to give the energy back to the environment from where it was taken.

The devotion to the multipurpose use of the hydro power plants is expressed also in the very same planning of the hydro power plant and in the close collaboration of the local community with the company Soške elektrarne, in the construction of the local roads and purifying plants, the fish farms and the water supply systems, in the setting-up of tourist and recreational areas, as well as in the preservation of the cultural heritage, and in other opportunities for the multipurpose use of the hydro power plants.

The development of the tourist activities at the hydro power plants is one of the examples of the synergy between the electric energy production and the positioning of the hydro power plant into the local environment. The tourism at the accumulation lakes HPP Solkan and HPP Doblar has developed due to the natural amenities of the two sites. The lakes enable a number of sports activities, like paddling in a kayak or in other boats, fishing and also jumps off the bridge into the lake and other activities. The inhabitants of Most na Soči call the Doblar lake their own by organizing every year the already traditional and very popular public event “Noč na jezeru / Night on the lake”.

The company Soške elektrarne fulfills with a committed preservation of the technical heritage also its socially responsible pledge to reanimate the inestimable Slovenian history.
Headrace canal of the HPP MestoHeadrace canal of the HPP Mesto
Thus the company refurbished the mining power plants HPP Pečnik, HPP Mesto and HPP Marof, and together with the museum Mestni muzej Idrija also the Idrija and the Kanomeljske Klavže barrages.

The simultaneous construction of a water supply system and a hydro power plant is a very important contribution for the local population. The HPP Zadlaščica is such a two-purpose facility which doesn’t only produce electrical energy, but ensures also drinking water for the whole Tolmin and Most na Soči area.

Special fish farms, which operate next to the hydro power plants, too point out the multipurpose use of the hydro power plants. The fish farm at the HPP Tolmin on the Tolminka River is just one of these. The company Soške elektrarne together with the angling clubs of the territory where the hydro power plants are located, take care of the preservation of the endemic Soča trouts.

The hydro power plants offer the towns and villages as well as the people living along the Soča River the possibility for development no matter what multipurpose use the power plants are designed for.