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care for the local community

social responsibility . care for the local community

The company Soške elektrarne, while planning the hydro-energetic exploitation of the water courses, tries to consider the various interests, and afterwords it aims to obtain the optimum solutions for the multipurpose use of the hydro power plants. Thus the company Soške elektrarne doesn’t only produce electrical energy: at the construction of roads and purifying plants, fish farms and water supply systems, at the setting-up of tourist and recreational areas, as well as at the preservation of the cultural heritage it also collaborates tightly with the communities and municipalities, the local communities, angling clubs and local tourist clubs and museums. The hydro power plants offer the towns and villages as well as the people living along the Soča River the possibility for development.

Concern for the local community:


The best possibilities for the development of tourism are given, due to their natural amenity, by the lakes of Doblar and Solkan:
  • The accumulation of the HPP Doblar was essential for the development of the tourism in the town Most na Soči. The lake offers a variety of sports / recreational activities: jogging, paddling in a kayak or canoa, in rubber inflatable as well as in other boats, also jumps off the bridge into the lake are being organized, etc.. In its depths the lake hides a great variety of fish species, and thus the lake has become a frequently visited angling spot. But it is attractive for visitors who enjoy in well-kept, panoramic and not at all demanding paths. Thanks to the lake the very popular public event “Noč na jezeru / Night on the lake” became a traditional as well as one of the most important social events in the Soča River Valley.

The HPP Doblar 2 accumulationThe HPP Doblar 2 accumulation
Podselo damPodselo dam
The HPP Doblar 2 accumulationThe HPP Doblar 2 accumulation

  • Behind the dam of the HPP Solkan the valley stretches out into a calm lake, on which fishing may be very pleasant. Under the dam of the hydro power plant the Soča River is torrential and thanks to the new kayak course well exploited by the Kayak club Soške elektrarne Kajakaški klub Soške elektrarne. Underneath the power plant, on the left bank of the Soča River, there is a well equipped Sports center with tennis, volleyball, basketball as well as beach volleyball courts.

The HPP Solkan accumulationThe HPP Solkan accumulation
River Soča under the  HPP SolkanRiver Soča under the HPP Solkan
The HPP Solkan accumulationThe HPP Solkan accumulation

The operating of the chain of hydro power plants has been adapted by the company Soške elektrarne to the kind of tourism which developed in the towns and villages located near the accumulation lakes:
  • the company adapts the daily oscillation of the accumulation lake-level to the number of tourists visiting the site. On Sundays and on festive days the oscillation is smaller than permitted during the regular operation of the hydro power plant;

  • the slime and gravel being regularly removed enables the preservation of the natural appereance of the lakes and contributes to the flood safety.

List of the local tourist organizations


The basis for the socially-responsible acting of the company Soške elektrarne represents the preservation of the cultural heritage. With the attentive preservation of the power plants on the water courses, in use already a century ago for the power supply production, the company Soške elektrarne proves its respect for the Slovenia’s technical heritage.

The renowned and unique Klavže barrages and the Mining power plants bear witness of the inestimable importance the water power had by the end of the 19th century.


Another mission of the company Soške elektrarne is to foster the development of the towns and villages located along the Soča River. At the planning of every single hydro power plant the possibilities of its multipurpose use are therefore evaluated. Among these possibilities is also the supply of water.

The HPP Zadlaščica is an exemplary example of a symbiotic collaboration of the electrical energy production and the supply of the local population with drinking water. This two-purpose facilty is designed for the electric energy production and the and the provision of drinking water for the entire Tolmin and Mosta na Soči area.

The Commune of Tolmin planned the construction of a water supply system in the area of the today’s HPP Zadlaščica already in the 70ies. Soon after the idea came up to build at the same time also a hydro power plant. The Tolmin water supply system started operating in May 1989 when the first of the two aggregates of the HPP Zadlaščica were put into operation. In the same building, next to the power plant, there is thus also the pumping station for the Tolmin water supply system with three pumps with a total capacity of up to 100 litres of water per second.

As the HPP Zadlaščica is situated in the protected area of the Triglav national park / Triglavski narodni park (the TNP), at the planning of its positioning it was necessary to consider the severe requirements of the TNP as well as the severe environmental protection requirements. In order to be able to position the hydro power plant into the landscape in a least visible way a lot of planning was necessary.


An example of a multipurpose use of the hydro power plant is also the preservation of the endemic Isonzo trout by constructing a fish farm operating next to the hydro power
Fish farms at the HPP TolminFish farms at the HPP Tolmin
plant on the Tolminka River, i. e. within the HPP Tolmin. Both activities are connected, as they both utilize the same facilities, like the dam, the penstock and the outlet. The facilty represents the synergy of the power supply and fish farming activity. The Tolminka water is intended primarily for the necessities of the fish farm, and only secondarily for the electrical energy production. Within the multipurpose facility there is also a purifying plant, which purifies the water prior to letting it back into the river. The company Soške elektrarne, next to the facility of the HPP Tolmin, together with the angling clubs, takes care of single sections of the fish breeding.

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