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concern for the employees

social responsibility . concern for the employees

The future of every company are definitely its employees. The success of the company depends in a great measure on the know-how, the motivation, the health and well being of the employees. The company Soške elektrarne therefore strives to create a stimulating and worker-friendly work environment, which offers the possibility of a professional and personal development.

The employees have the following possibilities:

The staffing of the company is effected above also by granting scholarships, which the majority was intended for students of electro-technical courses, followed by students of mechanical, construction, economy and law courses.

Students are, however, contacted also directly over the collaboration with the Faculties (Electro-technical Faculty, Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana) and Universities (University in Nova Gorica).


Part-time education courses enable a constant upgrading of the educational level of the employees. Many years now also other forms of external and internal trainings are systematically organized:
  • workshops for the employees in order to transfer the know-how and information among the employees,

  • exams on the procedures and tasks/works intended for new employees for the following jobs: operator, electrical equipment service man and mechanical equipment service man,

  • senior staff trainings in order to acquire competent knowledge on »negotiation skills«,

  • expert excursions and visit of the hydro power plants.

The employees attend trainings and seminars organized by the company Soške elektrarne in collaboration with external institutions above all of the following fields: informatics, new legislation and law, quality, financing and accountancy.


The concern for the safety and health of the employees, especially the workers working on the electro-energetic facilities, is with regard to the basic activity of the company, which can be extremely dangerous in case of inadeguate behaviour, of an extreme importance. The company organized educational courses for their employees already in the 50ies: i.e. courses on the safety in the work place, stressing the danger of electrical injuries and how to offer First aid. The company Soške elektrarne has gradually improved the sphere of the Safety in the work place; it has introduced a self-educational system, adopted adeguate technical measures as well as legally regulated this spheres.

For all the employees regular medical examinations are organized, and employees working in special workplaces do have in addition periodical examinations.

The company Soške elektrarne obtained in the year 2006 the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Certificate.


The interests of the employees of the company are represented by the following two trade unions:
  • the Free Union of the power supply workforce of Slovenia / Svobodni sindikat delavcev dejavnosti energetike Slovenije (SDE) and

  • the Confederation of the new unions of Slovenia / Konfederacija novih sindikatov Slovenije – the Independency KNSS.

In September 1999 the Worker’s council was founded through which the employees collaborate in managing the company and in implementing its objectives. The collaboration of the management of the company and the other employees is reflected in the joint efforts for the best possible performance / operating results and a stimulating work environment.


The philosophy “A healthy Mind in a healthy Body” is since its beginnings a constant companion of the company Soške elektrarne, as the Sports Team was founded already in the Fifties. It operated within the Sports Club of the Electricity Supply Economy of Slovenia / Elektrogospodarstvo Slovenije.

Later, on initiative of the employees of the companies Elektro Gorica, Elektro Primorska and the company Soške elektrarne, the Elektra Sports club was founded.

In the year 1997 the employees of the company Soške elektrarne founded their own Soške elektrarne Sports club within which different recreational activities are being organized: e.g. skiing, tennis, diving and fishing, mountaineering, hiking, ninepins, shooting and ball games.

The sportsmanship of the employees of the company Soške elektrarne can be admired every year at the winter and summer sports games of the Electricity supply economy, respectively of the companies integrated in the Holding of Slovenian power plants.

The company Soške elektrarne is tightly tied-up with the Soča River also in regard with its sponsorship, as the company has been sponsoring the Soške elektrarne Kayak club since 1959.